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Neugebauer: Electrical engineering on a high level.

High current and low current in high-tech projects; These are the core competencies of Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH. In addition, we have Europe-wide experience from project planning up to ongoing services. 

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Apply now: careers at the ELOMECH-Group.

If you have big goals and would like to take advantage of the opportunities, Elomech Elektroanlagen is the right choice. Our new career portal provides a detailed overview of the available opportunities.

Your specialist for high and low currents: Neugebauer.

Neugebauer Elektrotechnik is active in the fields of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical engineering. We keep industry running, especially in energy supply, manufacturing, data centres/IT, as well as engineering and commercial construction. You can demand this competence from us for all of our services: from preliminary considerations and feasibility studies to project planning, implementation, and ongoing services.

Porsche Zentrum Essen by Neugebauer

Electrical engineering gets going: Porsche Centre Essen.


Making the most of opportunities. That's the Porsche principle. A guiding principle, which characterises the Porsche brand - and our work for the Porsche Centre in Essen, where we installed video monitoring, burglar alarms, and fire alarm technology.

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After the run is ahead of the next run

Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH and Elomech Elektronanlagen GmbH from the ELOMECH Group were also present at the 7th Essen Company Tour this year. The track was slightly reduced to 4.9 km, but 2000 participants were more than in the previous year.

Of more than 10,000 participants Neugebauer Elektrotechnik with 18 runners and Elomech with 4 at the start. At the company run, the hierarchies are softened. Here, the boss runs with the apprentice and no matter whether a porter or board, on the starting numbers are only the first names of the runners.

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Our job opportunities within the ELOMECH Group: Young professionals wanted!

In the ELOMECH Group, we are particularly promoting and looking for young specialists or those who want to become one. We help working students gain their first experiences - and interested young people on their way to their everyday working life.


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RWE Essen by Neugebauer

Optimally designed, perfectly installed: RWE Supply & Trading in Essen.


We followed our mission to deliver the best quality for highly technical requirements and used our expertise in complex low- and high-voltage electrical installations to create a redundant power supply for RWE Supply & Trading.

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