Straßenbeleuchtung Beleuchtungskonzept by Neugebauer

Perfect light for better orientation: road lighting.

Wherever optimal and professional lighting of streets and (public) squares is required, Neugebauer will come up with the answer. Perfectly adapted to local areas, we ensure high-quality and sustainable solutions that make people in our cities and communities feel safer and able to move with better orientation.



In close consultation with our clients, we analyse and plan which lighting concept is most sensible in which environment and which lamps should be used. Individually tailored to demands and requirements, Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH implements a lighting system in the outdoor systems, which offers people ideal lighting conditions and thus an improved quality of life.  The use of future-oriented technology not only increases the quality of lighting - but also energy costs are reduced to the same extent!


An example of the installation of public outdoor lighting is our work for the city of Essen. In the course of the development of the new ThyssenKrupp site in the west quarter of the city, Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH has carried out extensive measures on the street lighting of Berthold Beitz Boulevard. With great energy and in-depth expertise, Neugebauer employees developed a lighting concept tailored to the requirements of the outdoor area.


Straßenbeleuchtung Beleuchtungskonzept by Neugebauer
Straßenbeleuchtung Außenbeleuchtung by Neugebauer
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