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A milestone for the post-mining period: new control room of the RAG

In March 2019, RAG's new control room opened at the "Pluto" location in Herne-Wanne. Here, the company secures its processes in post-mining for the protection of people and the environment. The main task is the monitoring of mine water. From the control room, a large number of plants and their processes are being monitored around the clock at Ruhr, Saar and Ibbenbüren.



The opening was a step on the way to the so-called "Ewigkeitsaufgaben" of the RAG after completion of the German coal industry. The RAG has a responsibility to take care of all the consequences of mining, which is why the new control room is also deliberately designed for eternity. A total of 155 tonnes of reinforcing steel and 3,600 tonnes of concrete were used.


Neugebauer – RAG Aktiengesellschaft
Neugebauer – RAG Aktiengesellschaft


Also for Neugebauer an exciting project that they accompanied with 15 employees on site over 10 months. Our tasks at the control room were the planning and installation of electrical and safety technology. "Particularly exciting in the project was the planning of the redundant, fail-safe power supply," reports our project manager. All in all, it was a project with a very good partnership between the project partners Heinrich Walter Bau, RAG and Neugebauer Elektrotechnik.



RAG Aktiengesellschaft – Neugebauer
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