Charging infrastructure by Neugebauer

Expansion of the charging infrastructure

For a successful traffic turnaround, one thing is needed first and foremost: an expanded charging infrastructure. The energy company innogy from Essen is a pioneer in this area. Neugebauer supports them in setting up the relevant charging stations. Thus, in close cooperation, e-charging stations have already been installed at several locations of the company.

80 to 85 percent of all charging processes take place when the electric car is parked anyway: parking time is charging time. Therefore, it makes sense to use company parking lots as charging stations. Neugebauer installed charging stations for electric vehicles in parking lots and underground garages of innogy SE. This option makes the use of an electric vehicle attractive for employees and makes a relevant contribution to reducing the pollution of fine dust, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide in cities.

Expansion of the charging infrastructure by Neugebauer
Neugebauer - Expansion of the charging infrastructure
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