Arcadia Parc Düsseldorf by Neugebauer

Individual working environment with high efficiency: Arcadia Parc Duesseldorf

In a prominent location in the North of Duesseldorf, the Arcadia Parc offers a wide range of development opportunities. In addition to office buildings, more than 200 flats are built near to it.



Neugebauer was responsible for the electrical installations of the Arcadia Stern. On approx. 11000 m2 an 11-storey, state-of-the-art office building with office space and an underground car park with around 220 parking spaces was built as part of the Arcadia Parc.


The Arcadia Stern follows a basic concept oriented towards sustainability. In addition to the optical effect, the innovative façade design made of thermal insulating ceramic has a noticeable positive energy efficiency. The circular structure has an external radius of approx. 40 meters and ends with the existing building again into a straight building. Work started in August 2018 and was completed in June 2020.


Arcadia Parc by Neugebauer
Arcadia Parc by Neugebauer


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