Spannung mit Starkstrom von Neugebauer Elektrotechnik

Highest quality high-voltage installations.

Whatever your industry, a properly functioning power supply is necessary in order to perform important work and business processes. If faults occur in the power system, usual procedures will normally not work, either, disrupting or even stopping your provision of services or production processes.



Intelligent and individual solutions for complex tasks.

Especially in the high-voltage sector, the safety and the reliability of a system have the highest priority. As a client of Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH, you can rely on professional planning, expert advice through project management, as well as professional installation and commissioning of complete power systems, tailored to the individual needs of your company, complete with obtaining all of the necessary planning authority approvals. We will, of course, assist you with repairs, modifications, and technical upgrades or retrofits, too.



RWE Essen by Neugebauer

RWE in Essen

We followed our mission to deliver the best quality for highly technical requirements and used our expertise in complex low- and high-voltage electrical installations to create a redundant power supply for RWE Supply & Trading.



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Straßenbeleuchtung by Neugebauer

Street lighting

Wherever optimal and professional lighting of streets and (public) squares is required, Neugebauer will come up with the answer. We provide high-quality and sustainable solutions, so that people in our cities and communities feel safer.



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Thyssen Krupp Essen, by Neugebauer Elektrotechnik

ThyssenKrupp Essen

The new ThyssenKrupp headquarters is a modern working environment created on the historic site of the Krupp steel factory. We made a substantial contribution to the project by installing the exterior lighting and a data network.



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