Datenfluss in Rechenzentren bei Neugebauer

Data centres are central to the flow of data.

They run in the background, but nothing runs without them. If such data nodes fail, a company's operations can quickly come to a standstill. Operations increasingly depend on computers and data processing. But it's not just human labour that's often linked to computers. Entire production systems can stop working when data centres fail. This can quickly have financial consequences for a business.



Greater safety through reduced risk of downtime.

Highly available, reliable data centres are essential to minimise such risks. Neugebauer plans, implements, and maintains data centres of all sizes and availability levels with a focus on security and availability.



The following advantages are offered to our clients:


  • End-to-end planning in the pre- and post-sales phases of all TGA trades
  • Ensure defined availability within the framework of nationwide maintenance trips  
  • Fault elimination within agreed SLA times
  • Expand and provide infrastructure and client connections
  • Cost savings: no need to recruit, train, and manage in-house technical specialists
  • Transparent monitoring of all incidents and measures taken



Rechenzentren by Neugebauer

New control center for network operators

The requirements for network operators are becoming more and more demanding in the course of the energy turnaround and the increasing international electricity trade.


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