Facility-Management bei Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH

Intelligent and integrated property administration and management.With its integrated facility management, Neugebauer provides competent, holistic management of facilities and properties on its clients' behalf. Services include technical and commercial management of buildings and their infrastructure from maintenance and energy supply to servicing building systems.



Upstream and downstream services for your properties.

We ensure that projects remain functional and effective and maintain their value in the long term to the full satisfaction of our clients, many of whom have been with us for years. Neugebauer's experienced experts offer services related to processes before and after the actual construction. These ensure that efficient structures are included in the plans from an early stage to ensure cost-effective management of the building going forward. The aim is to achieve sustainable, sensible management and the lowest possible operating costs.



We offer our clients the following facility management services:


  • Process, cost, and quality optimisation
  • Support, service, and maintenance
  • High system availability


RWE Essen by Neugebauer

RWE in Essen

We followed our mission to deliver the best quality for highly technical requirements and used our expertise in complex low- and high-voltage electrical installations to create a redundant power supply for RWE Supply & Trading.



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