Elektromobilität bei Neugebauer Elektrotechnik GmbH

Charging infrastructure for electric mobility We shape the futureThe field of electric mobility is becoming increasingly relevant. A successful turnaround to electronically operated vehicles is indispensably linked to a comprehensive charging infrastructure. Neugebauer leads the way here and supervises future-oriented projects.



Important building block for a green futur

The charging time is a decisive factor in electric mobility. Usually, the charging process takes place when the car is parked. However, especially in large cities, only a few cars have a fixed parking space. Here, appropriate points must be created for fast charging processes.


Ladestation E-Autos mit Neugebauer

Duisburg charging station

The first nationwide loading park in Duisburg. The expansion of the charging infrastructure is a relevant factor on the way to electromobility. Fast charging points are particularly necessary in large cities.



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Neugebauer - E-Auto Ladestationen

Expansion of the charging infrastructure

For a successful traffic turnaround, one thing is needed first and foremost: an expanded charging infrastructure. The energy company innogy from Essen is a pioneer in this area. Neugebauer supports them in setting up the relevant charging stations.


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